Social Welfare

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FOR FEEDBACK : or Call :0882 459 179 The term Social Welfare has different meanings; as it is both an institution and an academic discipline. While giving examples, define the term in both ways. Every country has an obligation to support its citizens with a number of programs or services that are designed to protect the citizens from the economic risks and insecurities of life. The most common types of programs provide benefits to the elderly or retired, the sick or orphans and vulnerable children, dependent survivors, mothers, the unemployed, the work-injured, and families. While a number of institutions are offering support to the needy, various academic institutions are also busy conducting researches and studies on how to improve the welfare of people. This is a clear manifestation that social welfare services and programs are paramount to individual or communities survival and without it the situation could be chaotic. Malawi as a country has not been left out of this circle of offering social responsibility to its citizenry when needed. This essay will therefore explain the meaning of social welfare in two dimensions, firstly as an institution and secondly as an academic discipline with examples from within and outside Malawi. To begin with, “Social welfare generally denotes the full range of organized activities of voluntary and governmental agencies that seek to prevent, alleviate, or contribute to the solution of recognized social problems, or to improve the well-being of individuals, groups, or communities.”(National Association of Social Workers, Encyclopedia of Social Work Vol.II. 1971) The goal of social welfare is to fulfil the social, financial, health, and recreational requirements of all individuals in a society. Social welfare seeks to enhance the social functioning of all age groups, both rich and poor. When other institutions in our society, such as the market economy and the family, fail at times to meet the basic needs of individuals or groups of people, then social services are needed and demanded. Indeed Social Welfare can be dissected as an institution and an academic discipline in a way that as an institution it deals with a nation’s system of programs, benefits, and services that help people meet those social, economic, educational, and health needs are fundamental to the maintenance of society. And as an academic discipline, Social welfare is defined as the study of agencies, programmes, personnel and policies which focus on the delivery of social services to individuals, groups, and communities.

Recently Malawi was hit the hardest by the worst flooding ever experienced since time in memorial and most of the districts that lie along wetlands were the worst of them all. This catastrophic event prompted the head of state Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to declare Malawi as a state of disaster (TVM News at 8 p.m. on 13th January 2014) and in his speech the president said “My fellow Malawians, as you may be aware, some parts of the country, especially in the Southern Region, have experienced a lot of heavy rainfall since last week. This rainfall has resulted in heavy flooding in some districts. The worst affected districts are Nsanje, Chikwawa, Phalombe and Zomba where a lot of people’s houses and household property have been damaged rendering the...

References: Encyclopedia of Social Work Vol.II. 1971, p.1446: National Association of Social Workers
Charles Zastrow (2009) Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Empowering 
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