Socail welfare

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Social Welfare

Social welfare in the United States has evolved greatly in the past several hundred years. Social welfare began as a voluntary measure and evolved into a government controlled program with many different Characteristics taking place over time bringing us to the program we have today. Many players were involved though out history with different groups and people. I will use the three factors: 1.where social welfare began. 2. Why Social welfare began and 3.some of the major players in implementing the social welfare program First history of social welfare as we know it began before the rule of King Edward the third in England , then became the Elizabethan Poor Law , these started before our government started to create laws regarding helping the poor in the United states. The history of welfare to the poor started long before the government programs for the poor were made to help them. People just relied on each as a genuine concern. After the bubonic plague King Edward stopped free charity and took control. As we became more industrialized change was needed for the poor and the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 was created. This was a control of who and how services were given. Then the poor law act of 1834. This act was concerned with getting people to areas where work could be found (Care, V. 2011). Because of the 1834 Act churches handling funding to the poor was replaced by a board overseeing the funds and how they were used. This was the beginning of government getting involved with a welfare system in England. We adopted the same in the United States. This helped in creating a new way of accounting for funds and records were kept and audited to prove accuracy of how they were used. Each church was still responsible for caring for their own poor they just could not oversee their own funds. This was the beginning of the debit credit accounting system. . (Care, V. 2011). President Roosevelt's persuasive proclamation on social and economic rights area a part of what was referred to as the new deal era. The administration was thought to be careful in payments to the poor but many suits followed changing the rules of how and who could receive benefits. Through the 1960s changes created an image that welfare was something that had to be given whereas when churches and neighbors gave it was charity and appreciated more. (TANI,K.M. 2012) In 1960 the United States was full of movement’s and rights and poverty in a prospering world needed to be addressed. President Lyndon Johnson did so. He declared war on poverty. President Johnson was at war so to speak with people being poor. He was under the assumption that he could somehow lessen it and make for a greater economic status for all Americans. In the 1960s welfare benefits began to be thought of as rights. The Office of Economic Opportunity was created and was expected to oversee the economic improvements of the welfare system. Job training programs were started and America wanted to show its power to the world by how well Americans fared economically compared to other nations. We did not want an image of poor people on the streets. (Forget, E. L. 2011).

Social welfare began for a variety of reasons, population, and religious views and to help the community poor with food, housing and medical care. Social welfare began as a way to help the poor and those who fell open misfortune it went through many changes to become the system we have today. Early history people felt a religious duty or felt it a duty to help those in need because they too may be in need one day due to circumstances beyond their control. Neighbor helping neighbor became hard and the great depression gave way to the need for social security ( TANI, K. M. (2012). (Forget, E. L. 2011).

Social welfare was needed to support families that were homeless or without food. It was considered needed to improve conditions for the worst in...
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