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ocial network industry started to expand rapidly after the year 1997 where the world first social network site, is being introduced to the public. Afterward there were many different types of sites being introduced to public. Social network sites (SNSs) can be define as web-based services that allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system (boyd, d. m., & Ellison, N. B. 2007). Nowadays, there is many popular SNSs exist in the market today such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc. However in this assignment will only focus on the study of Facebook. This assignment will show the detail features, pros and cons of this typical site. It also included the security issues and precaution step that should be taken before using any of those SNSs.

A History of Social Network Sites

Based on the definition of SNSs given, the first recognized SNSs is called the which allows the users to create profile and list their friend. The SixDegrees claim itself as a tool that can help people to connect and send messages with one another. In the early stage, SixDegrees have a great success and manage to attract millions of users. However it still failed to be a sustainable business and finally the service close down in 2000. The SixDegrees fail because of complain from early adopters that there was not much thing to do after accepting Friend request and most people doesn’t interested in meeting strangers. A few years later, other SNSs called Friendster was launch in 2002 with the purpose of helping friend-of-friend meet. Friendster has a huge success in the beginning and grew to 300,000 users in May 2003 but still it goes into a decline stage like others. The massive collecting friend and the "Fakesters" outrage cause many users to leave the sites. From 2003 onward, many new SNSs were launched and trying to replicate the early success of Friendster or target specific demographic such as LinkedIn, and etc. MySpace was begun in 2003. It was introduce with a goal to compete with sites like Friendster, Xanga and AsiaAvenue. MySpace encouraged rock band or artist to become their users and continues for adding new features based on user’s demand by allowing users to personalize their pages. Unlike the others SNSs, MySpace welcomed teenagers for joining the group making MySpace become a trend among the people on that time.

Some SNSs is create to support niche demographic and one of the famous example is the subject ‘‘Facebook’’. The Facebook is invented by Mark Zuckerberg and with the help of three other classmates, Andrew McCollum,Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. It was actually designed for Harvard student only and use to compare the picture of student side by sides to determine whether who is ‘‘hotter’’. Then it expanded to support others university students and in 2005, it start to goes into high school and eventually everyone. Facebook’s former headquarters is located in downtown Palo Alto, California.

Facebook become so popular that after it introduced to the public, the number of users skyrocketed just within a couple of years. Based on the data give by Facebook itself (, there are more than one billion active users on October 2012. It also have the most active users compare to others popular SNSs. Basically a user spend almost 405 minutes per month on Facebook and 60% are woman while 40% are men. Facebook is also the top on monthly visit social networking sites with the data of 7012.9 millions visitors.

Detail of Facebook’s Features
Features | Description |
Status Update| * Allow users to post messages for their friend to read. * Enable users to inform their friend of their current ‘status’ including feeling...

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January 15, 2013 — IDG News Service — The greatest challenge for today 's security infrastructure and methods of protection is advanced malware attacks.
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