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Assignment 3
Academic Essay

Course – Year 1 Bachelor of Arts in International Business Semester 1 2011/2012
Module Name : Professional Communication
Lecturer Name : Darrin Taylor

Student name; Marie Robinson
Student number; 20053294

Date; 07/12/2011

I hereby declare that this work is my own and of the highest academic integrity. Where the work of others used, it is duly acknowledged and referenced accordingly.


Executive Summary
This report contains the contents of the social media and how it effect’s aspects of people’s lives. Social media has a great impact on the society of today and changes the way we live.

Table of Contents

Title Page1
Executive Summary2
1. Introduction4
2. Findings4
3. Recommendations7
4. Conclusion7

1. Introduction
Social media is defined in the oxford dictionary as a noun which consists of websites and applications used for social networking (Oxford Dictionary, 2011) Social networking sites are a type of virtual community that has grown tremendously in popularity over the past number of years. Whilst studying social media many of the topics came across continuously. This report contains three main topics involved with social media. The ethics of social media, providing what the ethics of social networking sites contained the increasingly large number of problems arising every day. When the founder set up these sites they didn’t take into account the users, they were more concerned about publicity and profit. The second topic is relationships within the social media. The report shows how members develop many types of relationships by being involved with these sites. The information in the report shows how techniques used by the founders creates an open book for people joining to meet new people and to join various groups. The report also contains the threats of social networking towards relationships and how it has a major influence on many people’s lives. The last topic is a huge issue of today’s social networking sites, privacy. When people join these sites they create a profile for themselves and they meet old and new friends. By signing up you give away information about yourself and other people can access your page. The report shows how the impact of privacy concern on these social network sites.

2. Findings

2.1 The Ethics of Social Media
Ethics is defined as ‘moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behaviour’ (, 2011). In other words people are concerned about what is right, wrong, good or bad. In social media, ethics is a main issue amongst many people. Founders of websites such as Mark Zucemberg must follow certain ethics to provide a certain environment for his users. Some ethical problems in the social media are not tackled and cause conflict between the service provider and the users. As said by Johnson (2001) ‘We must guard against undesirable behaviours’ Ethics focuses on the moral norms and values embedded in information technology, applications and practises. (Brey, 2000b) All social network sites are seen to have ethical responsibilities ensuring their founders goals are achieved. Light, McGrath (2010) Due to all these ethical problems facing leaders and founders of many years, many people have come up with solutions. Brey (2000a,b) suggested an approach to disclosive computer ethics. He had three applications, a disclosure stage. This was where the service e.g. the software was analysed, making sure it was private and so therefore it would have moral values. The second stage was the ‘theoratical stage’. This was where the moral theory was developed and became better by certain applications and the third stage, the application stage. This was where the moral theory is analysed by the result of the disclosure stage. Unfortunately everyone knows there is a large majority of social media users than cannot keep their usage to an average level. Also many,...

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