Privacy Issues in Social Networking

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Introduction 2

Ethical Issues2-3

Legal Issues3-7

Social Issues7-8

Professional Issues8-9





Privacy Issus in social networking sites have become a controversial and much publicised topic since the creation and increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Linkdin, Twitter and the currently most used social networking site, Facebook. Such as stalking, identity theft, sexual predators, Data mining are Some of Privacy Issues in Social Media. as well as Issues are Increasing Quickly. On the Other Hand We can Have Lot Advantages From Social Media. This Research Paper is Going to Analyze Both Site.

Ethical Issues

Data mining

Using data mining Technologies, Business organizations are able to improve their profitability. Using this data, Business organizations able to create customer profiles that contain customer demographics and online behavior. Using “network analysis software” this Data Mining Can be Done For any specific Organization.[1] Such as Facebook, MySpace are giving more priority to marketing strategists. Facebook introduced new “Social Ads” Program recently. This Program gives Opportunity to companies to access the millions of profiles. therefore, Companies Can Post their Advertisements in our Facebook Profile according to Our own interests and hobbies.

But Facebook Said This is Not Sell The Actual user information, This is a Social Action. This Programmed Called As “Facebook Becacon”

Can Anyone Access information In Social Media? What About User Privacy? Is It Ethical? Ethical Principles and Theory Help Analyze this Issue.According to the Ethical Principle Respecting other’s Property ,Data Mining is Wrong. Getting the Details of Users without Their Permission and Use For the Different PurPoses is not Acceptable. Therefore, Data Mining in Social Networking Site is unethical.If We take Deontological theory Data Mining is Wrong. Because Action Data Mining is unethical.

Facebook should explain why they chose at the last minute to put the wish lists of corporate advertisers ahead of the privacy interests of their users-Said by Neal Schaffer[3]

On the Other Hand, According to the consequences theory Data Mining Acceptable. Because User Easyily Can Find the Suitable Products According their own interests and Hobbies. therefore, this is ethical.

Facebook Beacon provides advanced privacy controls so Facebook users can decide whether to distribute specific actions from participating sites with their friends-Said by Om Malik[2]

Legal Issues

Unable to voluntarily Deactivate accounts

Facebook Have the options to users to deactivate their accounts but not actually remove the account content from its servers. A Facebook Developer explained to a student from the University of Wolverhampton that users had to clear their own accounts by manually deleting all of the Details including wall posts, friends, and groups. Sunday Times article noted this privacy issue, and also raised a Privacy concern that emails,Photos and other private user data remain Voluntarily on Facebook's servers. Facebook subsequently began allowing users to permanently delete their accounts. Facebook's Privacy Policy now Said: "When you delete your account, it is permanently deleted from Our Server."[4].so this Issue Provides the Chance to Misuse their Sensitive Data. Data Protection Act,1998 6th Principle Said, Process in accordance with the rights of data Subjects, including the rights to:-

1.Access one’s Person data

2.Rectify or...

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