Social Construct Theory

Topics: Sociology, Social structure, Social stratification Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Sociological perspective is a means of connecting our individual lives with the world we live in. By retrospectively observing our private problems with relation to the rest of society, we are more apt to turn them into public problems. As individuals become more aware of their own problems and how they are interconnected among the mass majority, they are encouraged to expand their awareness of the problem, while becoming more connected to others who are experiencing the same crisis. In short, the existence of a sociological perspective empowers individuals to take an active part in the way society operates. The unification of individuals in society creates a strong infrastructure to withstand change and reformation. As more and more people recognize a specific problem, it becomes more and more likely that the problem will be addressed and, hopefully, resolved. Sociological Theory encapsulates the use of scientific approaches to support and explain social behavior in the real world. By using a theoretical approach, sociologists are able to form a basic image of society that guides their thinking and more importantly, their research. When using a theoretical approach, sociologists face two basic questions: What issues should we study? And how will we go about connecting the facts? Therefore, the theoretical approach they choose will act as their “road map” in guiding their research methods and their line of thought. As outlined in chapter 1 of John Macionis’ book, Society: The Basics, three major theoretical approaches are introduced: the structural-functional approach, the social-conflict approach, and the symbolic-interaction approach. The Structural-Functional Approach

The nature of this theoretical approach takes stake in the social structure and the functions that influence the stability and solidarity of society. This approach views society as a complex system with interacting parts that create a foundation that will thrive and preserve society; much in...
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