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Topics: Sociology, Structural functionalism, Social theory Pages: 5 (1437 words) Published: September 8, 2014
1. The sociological perspective, as a way of thinking about the world, includes the sociological imagination from C. Wright Mills, the beginner’s mind from Bernard McGrane, and the idea of culture shock from anthropology. Explain what all three of these concepts have in common.

Response: All three of these concepts have in common are the idea of breaking down social barriers to gain a different perspective on culture people and behaviors. When a person is in a new area where the culture is different it is betters to break down walls and keep an open mind they all deal with society and the differences they may have compared to the one a person is accustomed to.

2. Sociologists often have to decide if they are going to adopt a microsociological or a macrosociological approach in any given project. Explain how these perspectives differ, paying special attention to the different assumptions about how society works that are contained within each perspective. In other words, considering the starting point of each perspective, what do they seek to reveal?

Response: the way in Macrosociology and microsociology differ are that they deal with different societal issues for example Macrosociology deals with issues of bigger groups that affect effect the whole such as health care, war, and the economy and microsociology is looking more at the small everyday interactions with individuals or smaller groups. For examples family or schools and other small interactions

3. Compare and contrast conflict theory with structural functionalism. Pay special attention to the way each theory treats the origin of social change.

Response: Conflict theory and structural functionalism are similar in a sense where everyone can agree that someone or group has more money or power in a society. They are similar in ideas of a structured society. Where they are different is where is stems from the problem of inequality conflict theory is the notion of when people feel that a certain group has to much power and the resources aren’t distributed properly. Structural functionalism feels that because of this imbalance in power and money (social class, heirarchey,) there is balance and order in society.

4. Symbolic interactionism is a micro-level approach to sociology. It sees face-to-face interactions as the building blocks of larger social institutions. Describe how individuals interacting with each other produce larger social institutions. Pick an example and describe how specific social acts can, when repeated by many people, produce large-scale social structures.

Response: Symbolic interactionism is the process of a micro scale situation that deals with action, meaning, and, change. For example if I received a new puppy and decide to take her on a walk so becomes familiar with her environment, and another person congrats me for exercising the dog. That meaning affects change because it now gives me another reason to take my dog out for a walk. My initial reason for taking my dog out was so she can become familiar with her area if gets lost but because of that interaction with another person it gave me another reason or meaning to take her out.

5. Symbolic interactionism focuses on communication and meaning. According to symbolic interactionism, describe how meaningful reality is created.

Respone: Meaning ful reality is not inherent it is not something that is innate or given meaningful reality is created through interaction between two or more people.

6. Structural functionalism attempts to explain the social world through the functions of social structures. Describe the types of functions that social structures can fulfill.

Response: structural functionalism can be compared to that of the human body you need all individual parts working together to function properly. For example the food industry. The food industry is a system that allows people to buy fresh produce this system is needed because in a society...
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