Snickers Kiss

Topics: Super Bowl XLI, Bisexuality, LGBT Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Snickers Kiss
Snickers is one of the companies that always produce catchy , funny and controversial commercials for their audiences. Some of the commercials are highly accepted by the audience while others receive tons of critiques. One of the most controversial commercials that received a lot of critiques was the one that they made for the 2007 Superbowl. This commercial was offensive because it openly mocks gay men as being not ‘manly’.

The commercial depicts two mechanics working in a workshop. They were both behind the hood. Suddenly, one of them pulls out a snickers bar out from his pocket. While he was eating the chocolate bar, the other guy ,who is apparently also desperate for the same Snickers bar , started to eat it together with a ‘Lady-and-the-Tramp eating spaghetti’ style , and they accidentally kiss. The two jump apart in shock and with an innocent tone the desperate guy said “I think we just accidentally kissed”. The owner of the snickers then said “Quick! we have to do something manly” so they both opened their shirts and ripped out a handfull of their chests hair and shouted in pain. The commercial ended with a snickers bar logo and a text saying ‘Most Satisfying’.

What Snickers wanted to portray in this commercial was how good their chocolate bar is that it could make people go crazy over it. They wanted the audience to see how good the chocolate is by seeing the reaction of the two men while eating the chocolate together. They were both eating with their eyes closed just like they were eating the most delicious thing in the whole world. They didn’t even realized that they were eating in a ‘kissing pose’. While Snickers tried to send us that message , most of the audience didn’t get it. From an audience point of view, it seems like both of them instead of enjoying the snickers, they enjoy the intimacy while eating it.

In the commercial the passage ‘Do something manly’ was also quite provocative. Why say ‘Do something manly’?...
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