Smoking Policy Summary

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y summSan Jose State University Smoking Policy Survey Results COUGH SJSU (Campuses Organized & United for Good Health) Partners:

Purpose -To inquire about:
Tobacco use behavior on campus Knowledge of current policy on campus Attitudes about changing the SJSU smoking policy

Student-led organizations (i.e., student clubs) Human Resources listserve Faculty and Staff direct outreach (i.e., listserves, groups) Student Affairs listserve University Housing Services Department Chairs

Distributed from October 1 – November 6, 2011

Email Hard copies:
Classes Campus events Tabling events

2,312 individuals completed the survey
Student: 72.6% Staff: 16.3% Faculty: 8.0% Administration: 1.4% Visitor: 1.7%

Female: 65.6% Male: 34.2% Other: 0.2%

Under 18: 0.8% 18-19: 15.0% 20-24: 41.1% 25-29: 13.8% 30-39: 11.6% 40-49: 6.6% 50-59: 7.7% 60 and over: 3.4%

Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke is smoke from someone else's cigarette, cigar, or pipe that you breathe. Reflecting on the current semester, how often would you say are exposed to secondhand smoke on campus?

Multiple times a day: Every day: A few times a week: A few times a month: Never:

19.1% 23.6% 31.4% 19.3% 6.6%

Secondhand Smoke
Would you say secondhand smoke on campus bothers you a lot, a little, not at all?

A lot: A little: Not at all:

52.5% 32.2% 15.3%

Whenever I see a smoker ahead of my walkway I have to cross the street or/and go out of my way to avoid holding my breath . ..I do not want to get second hand smoking and I feel like my chances increase tremendously every time I attend school Walking from the garage to my building and back I am exposed to second hand smoke every day. Also people smoke right outside of buildings, not 25 feet away. I am very concerned for my health. I feel like it is a sever hazard to have to endure this on a daily basis. I was also very concerned when I was pregnant and had to deal with this. Please do something. I came from a smoke-free campus, so the cigarette smoke really bothers me!

Secondhand Smoke
Do you have an allergy/sensitivity (e.g. asthma, sneezing, watery eyes, etc.) that is triggered by exposure to either indoor and/or outdoor tobacco smoke?

Yes: 33.5% No: 66.5%

I have a heart condition, so any exposure to tobacco smoke directly affects my health more so than the average student I have asthma and I have been waiting for SJSU to become a Smoke Free Campus…. I have only been exposed as a result of walking by. but I am very sensitive and automatically cough While I do not have allergies, etc., myself, my boyfriend has asthma, so the smoking irritates it greatly. sometimes the smell triggers my asthma more than the smoking itself …Those who smoke are greatly affecting those who do not smoke. Because of second-hand smoke, I always have a hard time breathing and gives me asthma

I was pregnant at the beginning of semester (before miscarrying) and was advised to completely avoid certain things--including second hand smoke--for the sake of the fetus. If people are smoking on campus, it makes it difficult to follow doctors' orders I am overwhelmed by the amount of secondhand smoke I am exposed to at SJSU coming from both student and non-student smokers. I've spent time on many college campuses and have never experienced this much secondhand smoke. I recently became very ill with lung infections and the secondhand smoke I encounter walking on campus causes me lung pain and difficulty breathing…

Secondhand Smoke
Are you aware that SJSU has a smoke-free policy that prohibits smoking within 25-ft. of buildings?

Yes: 71.0% No: 29.0%

Secondhand Smoke
In your opinion, the current smoke-free policy at SJSU is:

Very effective: Somewhat effective: Not effective/ineffective:

11.8% 39.6% 48.5%

No body enforces the 25 foot rule and everybody breaks it....
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