Smoke-Free Campus

Topics: Health, Want, Need Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: November 10, 2011
A smoke-free campus

Smoking is bad for everyone. When people have a non-smoking area, they really appreciate it. However, some people ruin the place where there are signs that is prohibited; they still smoke in that place. On the other hand, almost every school, college and university is smoke-free. Although there are signs around the schools, some people are still smoking. It looks like they do not see the signs. In my opinion, every school needs a strong cooperation with students so that they can make a healthy campus.

The most important in people’s lives is health. To protect people’s health, people, themselves need to block all bad situations that can happen for their health. One of the situations that they can protect themselves is “Say no to smoking”. Smoking is bad for people’s lungs. Besides, some people have asthma and they really do not like the smell of cigarettes. Therefore, every place that has lots of people such as schools and hospitals, smoking is definitely prohibited. The more people around the more they breathe the smoke. Schools are the place that students come to study. They do not want to come there and worry of their health. Smoking can make the school‘s reputation come down without they notice it. Every school needs to convince students and people to follow the rules so that everyone can have a good health and a nice place to study.

Secondly, if every school can make a smoke-free campus, they will change the atmosphere of their schools. All of the parents love to see a school without any bad habits that can happen to their children. So they will bring their children to school without worrying. And to make a school becomes nice and perfect, the atmosphere of the school is very important. People want to have fresh air after long period of studying in class. It is really nice to have a smoke-free campus. The atmosphere in school is one of the reasons that parents and students choose the school. Of course, it is hard for the...
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