Smart Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, BlackBerry, Facebook Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Ali Alsharif
ENG 99
Professor McCoy
20 November 2013
Smart Phones and Communication
No secret to anyone that the period in which we live is a period of cell phones, internet and social networking. Examples of this are forums, Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, the “Whatsapp,” lnstagram, and many more sites and programs of social communication. Now the majority of people around the world have Smart Phones and it does not matter if it is an iPhone or an Android, it matters how they use it. Because cell phones have positive and negative effects, that may change people’s lives. It is important to manage use in a positive way. There many positive effects for cell phones. Smart phone made our world as small village because it connects people all over the world in easy way. Now people who live very far from their family and friends they can make video call to see them and feel like they with them. People can share what they like such as pictures and videos and get like and comment from friends or strangers. Additionally, in case of emergency people use smart phones and that very helpful for emergency because police or Ambulance can located them by their phones GPS and help them as soon as possible. Smart phones made our life so easy that from pressing a button in your device you can book your flight, hotel, and car. So, we cannot live without smart phones if we use it in a positive way.

However, there people who let smart phones and social media control their lives and they become addicted to smart phones. Social networking it is very good way to communicate with family and to build friendship, but when people rejects plans to go out with people in real life and prefer to spend some time on the social network. This behavior indicates that people have problems in their social live because they devote most of their time using the internet, so that you exceed the time you spend with people in real life. That make the people around you feel neglected and...
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