Smart Netphone Case Study

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Case study: Smart’s Netphone

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© VisionMobile 2011


Case study: Smart’s Netphone

Key takeaways
- Smart Communications operates in a 99% pre-paid market with average revenues per user (ARPU) of only $4. Yet, it offers one of the most sophisticated service portfolios across most global operators. Offered services include mobile payments, streaming TV and a maps service. - The Netphone is a bold attempt by Smart to bring smart devices and services to the mass market. The initial Netphone device is a rebranded, revamped ZTE Blade projected to launch in July, 2011, priced at an expected 120-$140. From 2012, the Netphone will expand to feature phones at lower price points. - The Netphone features a range of operator-developed apps, including prepaid balance check, unified chat, sender-pays email, connected address book, global directory, social radio, and Smart Money. The phone also comes bundled with applications from local service brands with whom Smart has established revenue share agreements for Netphone-initiated transactions. - The Netphone represents a major effort for the operator, involving an internal team of 300 staff, plus tens of business partners across six countries. It aims to increase service usage in the mass market, and generate additional revenues by enabling partner transactions, such as shopping and food ordering. - The Netphone uses a software update technology that can update the platform and applications continually over the air. Such updates allow the operator and its business partners to extend service reach and reduce development costs. The differential update technology reduces network bandwidth usage during updates. - When it ships in July, the Netphone is expected to be the first phone that builds on the WAC (Wholesale Applications Community)...
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