Smaller families are better than larger ones

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Smaller families are better than larger ones
Small families are those families which consists of three or four members. This means maximum two children. On the other hand, there are large families consisting of more than four members. These families may have three children or may have four children or may be more than that. The biggest no. of children a woman ever had was 69. In this family, the mother gave birth to a total of 69 children – sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. After this the father had a second wife with whom he had eighteen children.
The difference in these two families is that in the small family the parents are able to spend more time with each of their children whereas in case of larger family the parents are unable to spend some quality time with each of their children.
This itself has its own effects as: the child with whom the parents are unable to guide is exposed to the wrong side of the world and may become an evil doer. On the other hand, this thing could have been prevented if the parents would have guided their children to follow the right path, which only would have happened if the family was small. As in small families there are one or two children so the parents find it easy to interact with them and guide them to follow the right path.
On the other hand, smaller family means less people meaning less requirements i.e. food, clothing and other requirements. Likewise, in large families there are large no. of people meaning much more requirements i.e. more food, more clothing and every single need just increased to a high level. This in turn puts a lot of pressure on the parents making them work hard and for a long period of time. It is sometimes seen that in large families both the parents are working. Both the parents working means the time which parents should spend with their child just decreased. Which in turn increases the possibilities of child becoming a wrong doer.
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