Family Diversity

Topics: Family, Marriage, Extended family Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: January 30, 2015
Single parent families
Beanpole families
Extended family
Reconstituted families
Cultural diversity
Class diversity
Sexual diversity
The proportion of families living in single parent families has more than tripled in the last 30 years to 24%. Not all single parents have been married .births outside marriage have become more socially accepted today. Changes in religious and social values have made it less likely to for single parents to be labelled and stigmatised.

1) Roseneil & budgeon- argue that the conventional family type should not be taken for granted as the basic unit of society. Reasons being there has been an increase in divorce over the past 30 years. Also, the growing proportion of household that are composed of 1 person.

2) Allen & crow- identified 2 key points for single parent families. -increase in divorce
-significant rise in the number of never married women.

Beanpole families are long and thin.
These are multi-generational families where there is more intergenerational contact (grandparents and grandchildren) than intragenerational contact (cousins).

1) Brannen- sees them as being like a beanpole.

Reason for less intragenerational ties.
-high divorce rates causing breakdown of contact between extended families -falling fertility rates couples having less children, so there will be fewer relationships.

Reason for more intergenerational ties.
-grandparents live longer provide extra care e.g. (babysitting)

2) Grundy & henretta- uses the concept of ‘sandwich generation’ to refer to women aged between 55 and 69 who offer assistance between their needy parents and their own children. Research shows a growing number of women will be in this position. An extended family contains kin beyond the family. This could be through vertical extensions with additional family members from a 3rd generation (grandparents) or horizontal extensions (wife’s sister).

1) villains- showed how working class peoples live that lived...
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