Small Business in Zimbabwe

Topics: Small business, Business, Information technology Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: March 19, 2013
In Zimbabwe there are many institutions that are available to support the development of small business and they include government and commercial banks. Small businesses refers to those businesses that are independently owned , operated and organised for profits and is not dominant in its field. The government as a way of supporting small business in terms of finance is offering general incentives through the general incentive policy .This programme is available to local and foreign small firms investing in land, buildings, plant and equipment to encourage small and medium sized manufacturing and to facilitate increased employment creation. Another support service which is being offered by the government is business loans through commercialbanks such as CBZ and CABS. This scheme is available to businesses that meet the financial institutions criteria. The aim of the scheme is to provide business loans or lending to the small businesses. Another scheme which aims to provide initial capital to new organizations to initiate their portfolio and to fund operational expenses over a predetermined period is seed loans. Most of the assistance for capital projects is administered by Industrial development cooperation (IDC). The cooperation provide among other things, legal services, registration of newcoys, research for new opportunities, building of factory shells, audit services and policy direction. The banking sector has also been deregulated and banking regulations are continuously being reviewed to encourage greater competition in the financial sector. Interest rates are market-determined. Training schemes for small business development in Zimbabwe include the integrated facility at Indo-Zim Technology centre (IZTC) has a Technical Training Centre (TTC) linked to a small and medium enterprises ( SMEs). The IZTC is set up at the Harare Institute of Technology in Belvedere, Harare. Indian assistance to IZTC is summarized as Precision high technology machines,...
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