Sleep and Mary J. Davis

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i. | What is Confidence building? Does Confidence really come with Knowledge?| 2| ii. | How does a Shark Hunt?| 3|
iii. | What efforts are being taken to protect Endangered Wildlife?| 4| iv. | What are the dangers and hazards of Nuclear Power?| 5| v. | Why do we sleep?| 6|
vi. | How does Tobacco use affect the human body?| 7| vii. | What are the causes of Tornadoes?| 8|
viii. | In what ways do Video Games affect children and teenagers?| 9| ix. | What is stress?| 10|
x. | What are the ways to speak effectively?| 11|
xi. | Pros and Cons of Teamwork| 12|
xii. | Which types of Shops do you use to buy different things? Why?| 13| xiii. | What is culture? Describe different types of company’s cultures.| 14| xiv. | Which is the most important Invention for the last 100 years? Which one do you wish had not been Invented?| 15| Table of content

Descriptive Essay
What is Confidence building? Does Confidence really come with Knowledge? Confidence is a positive feeling gained from a belief in your own ability of to do things well. Very few people succeed in building up their confidence level. When we born we cry because we are afraid of this world. It means that nobody is born with confidence. We have to develop our own confidence. It is not easy as it seems. There is a certain age at which the growing level of confidence stops working. Many of people failed in building up their own confidence (Adrian MacKay). Those who are self-confident about themselves have a strong sense of belief. Self-confidence is connected with possessing of certain skill sets or abilities, whether it is acquired or natural. While having ability in a particular area can help you to boost yourself. Someone who has no capability of doing something is always lack of confident (Coles). A person who is lack of self-confidence has a lack of self-belief in them. Lack in yourself comes when you feel insecure about something like place or with the audience you are facing. A person behaves like overly shy, having fear in themselves, forget what to talk about, start shivering and feel uncomfortable when they are lack of confidence. People with low self-confidence always stay away from other peoples. They have a limited mind set and their behavior changes unexpectedly. This lack of self-confidence puts them in a nonstop life cycle that reinforces their state of self-belief (Coles). Knowledge and confidence are two different things. Without confidence, knowledge is worthless. And without knowledge, confidence is useless. If we have to face the world so we have to combine our knowledge and confidence. Those people who are not able to combine their knowledge and confidence won’t have the chance to survive (Stephen Hetherington). Confidence and knowledge is the most powerful weapon of a person. If anyone knows how to use it so he can live on his life in an easy way. Even to become a successful man a particular person has to go through many difficulties and have to keep struggling. A lose hearted person always think about his past and afraid to move on again. So if anyone wants to become a successful man he has to build up his confidence. References

Adrian MacKay
Stephen Hetherington

Descriptive Essay
How does a Shark Hunt?
Shark is a large and sometimes aggressive sea fish with a triangular fin on its back. They live in ocean but not in freezing areas like ANTARCTICA. To survive in water, they need salty water. They are mostly found in between the deep oceans. They cannot change their places like other species do. Some sharks use to live in natural environments. While other sharks’ like to live in dark, cold, rocky and sandy areas. Sharks use to travel to a long distances in seek of warmer and cooler areas where they can give birth to their babies in a year (Bobbie Kalmar, Molly Alien). The bodies of sharks are made of same parts but...

References: P. Day
Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermont
Adam Burgess
George L. Carlo, Polly Thibodaux
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