Slavery in Another Name

Topics: Slavery, Sociology, Marxism Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Kimberly Hooper
Intro to Criminology
Prof Yamamoto
Film Response paper 2- Slavery in Another Name

Slavery in Another Name is a film that demonstrates to us that during the treatment of freed black citizens who were born in to slavery. During the 1860’s most of southern part of the United States of America was based on forced labor of black people even after they were freed of being slaves. They were convicted of crime for the smallest crime. Crime in the south started to develop and recognized more often. A black man who was considered “free” during this time was forced into industrial slavery and that their behavior was considered deviant. Crime cannot be explained with certain measure kept in mind. They are standards that are mostly set up by the ruling class. Crime is considered as a purpose of conflict. It is categorized by a certain class that holds power over another in order to satisfy their need for economic and social welfare. Conflict theory is about social and economic power that exists in a society. Max Weber perceived the social hierarchies as a root cause of conflict in a society. He believed that societal relationships built on power, status and money. For example in the documentary Slavery in Another Name the relationship between black people and white people were solely based on economic power and the difference in status that existed. Marx and Engels distinguished classes based on their means of production. They called it the bourgeoisie (also known as the ruling class) and proletariat (the working class) (pg. 220). After being freed from slavery, the black and white competed with each other for status (which was the most important to the freed black slaves) money and power. “Turk developed a theory called criminalization that spelled out how criminal labels are applied. For example, criminalization is more likely when the subordinate groups are less sophisticated”. (pg. 221 para1) In the documentary we see how white...
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