Skills Required to Work in Global Organization

Topics: Management, Leadership, Culture Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Global Organization is an International Alliance involving many different countries. In short, global organization is the one which has got international presence. As a result of this, it is very important for global organizations to find the right employee with the right skills set. According to the article, the main skills required to work in a global organization are – 1)The ability to deal with ambiguity and constant change – and love it. 2)The ability to be informed about the industry, the informal and the formal organization, and where the power is located. 3)The ability to take moderate risks and take a step forward in an unfamiliar situation. 4)The ability to act in a diplomatic way and build lasting relations – in the real and in the virtual world. 5)The ability to create visions about the future and how you and your part of the organization fit in the larger picture. 6)The ability to create strategies, as well as put them into practical plans and actions. 7)The ability to execute leadership, regardless of position, and have respect for different nationalities, cultures and religions. The strong points which I think will help me work in a global organization are – 1)Adaptability – The biggest strength I believe is my Adaptability. I can easily adapt myself by understanding and accepting different cultures. I have always believed when you have to work in a different country, you need to understand their culture, their social structure and their way of doing business. The faster you adapt, the easier it will be to achieve success in a new environment. 2)Ability to learn – I am always open to learning new ideas and processes. Working in a global organization gives an individual a chance to interact with people from different backgrounds. I am a keen observer and listener to different ideas which I can apply in my daily work. 3)Language Skills – Learning different languages is a very important quality to achieve success in different parts of the...

References: – The Global Business Person: What is the Secret for Success? By - Marie-Louise Hansson, Sweden Career Advisor (
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