Global Mindset

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Developing a Global Mindset
B D SINGH Sr. Prof & Associate Dean (MDP & C) IMT,GHAZIABAD

 Market success is only part of globalisation. We must globalize every activity in the company. We’ve made some progress in sourcing products and components so critical to survive and win in a pricecompetitive deflationary world, but our challenge is to go beyond that – to capitalize on the vast intellectual capital available around the globe. – John F Welch Jr. CEO  There are no German or American companies. There are only successful or

Background  The two most dreaded obstacles in the way of human progress- i.e. Time & Distance have almost been eliminated, due to technological revolution  Mind boggling pace of changes have shrank the wide world to a “global village”.  We live in interconnected, interdependent, world economy.  Globalization has made free flow of goods & Services – possible opening the new visa of opportunities – for corporate and individuals – age of mega mergers & acquisitions  A global business manager must have a global business perspective and understanding of how the world works – Learning, unlearning and relearning are integral part of the knowledge intensive global business.  A global manager must develop a global mindset – the capacity to analyze, appreciate & leverage the

 The 19th and early 20th centuries were marked by intense nationalism , building Empires & Colonies & second half of 20th century intense witnessed a phenomenon known as “cold war” - bi - polar world.  During the last 25 years the world has become borderless & multi polar –  Wars, if at all fought, are for acquiring economic supremacy--- mostly fierce commercial/marketing competitive wars are seen – Global business Olympiads taking place every day.  Technology and business sans frontiers- no one is permanent foe or friend – the traditional enemies have become friends and allies – European countries, India & China, Korea & Japan.

 Leveraging on diversities and contradictions – thriving on chaos  Diversities like multi – ethnic, multicultural, multilingual, multi religious challenges.  Contradiction & paradox like–  Global peace vs. global terrorism  globalization vs. localized block – (UNO, WTO, ILO, WTO, vs. EUs, NAFTA, SAFTA etc.)  Talent hunting jobs vs. job hunting talent – BPO, KPO.  Companies seeking talents & talents seeking global companies  Business hunting money vs. money hunting business.  Ruthless competitiveness vs. business alliances  Locals/ natives vs. outsiders In above back drop, it is important & imperative for corporate as well as individuals to develop global mind sets to take maximum – advantages.

What is mind set?  Mind set is a condition where an individual is over sensitized to some part of information available at the expense of other parts . it sensitizes us to the patterns which have enables to solve problem as was done in the past  It produces fixation & stereotyping in problem solving behavior  Drucker – investigated how past experience may block productive problem solving – functional fixation  This mind set can create difficulties for manager when they are faced with new problems.

Other Barriers in creative / global thinking  Perceptual blocks – prevents individual receiving a true relevant picture of outside work / world  Cultural blocks, which result from influence of the society – cross – cultural clashes  Emotional blocks – such as fear anxiety / chauvinism  Intellectual blocks – I know all- we are the best

How Mindset Works?  The concept of mindset, also referred to as

 Mindsets evolve through an interactive process. The current mindset guides the collection and interpretation of new information. To the extent that this new information is consistent with the current mindset, it reinforces that mindset. From time to time, however, some elements of the new information appear to be truly novel and inconsistent with the existing paradigm. In this...
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