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Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Mind Pages: 1 (764 words) Published: May 27, 2014
My favorite six word memoirs and my friend’s
After doing some research on the website, I found that it is an interesting site which introduces people a way to express their thoughts in a most convenient and easy way. This website has its own community where people can put their story on to share to others. I asked five of my friends to share their own six word memoirs about relationship through Facebook; I found out it was interesting to know their thoughts. First of all, I want to share my own memoir about interpersonal communication. It is: “Speak less, listen more, think well”. I know this class is about speaking skill but before saying anything, we need to listen and clarify the information first. According to chapter 7 in the text book, listening is the process of receiving and responding to other’s message. During that process, mindful listening is required to give the message more attention. I made this memoir after thinking of the cause of conflicts and argument. I think most of the arguments and conflicts happen when two individuals fail to listen to other message mindfully.

The first friend I asked was Jason Nguyen, a student in SDSU. I explained to him and the following four friends about the six word memoirs. He shared his memoir after thinking for two minutes. It was quick, I guess. He said: “fall in love after saying goodnight”. As I asked why he chose to say that, he told me that the memoir shows how he knew his lover. It doesn’t mean much to me but I think it means a lot to him. Throughout the long lasting relationship, he chose that phrase to be his memoir; therefore there must be a reason. I can tell that he might be spending his whole night talking to his significant other after they say goodnight to each other. What make it significant is that in his situation, “goodnight” doesn’t mean goodbye. It is a way of showing careness to others and is the start of their relationship. The next person I asked was Quyen Cao. His...
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