Six Sigma

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Six Sigma was developed at Motorola in mid 1980’s when Motorola Company declared 10X reduction in product-failure. Six Sigma was originally used to compute the defects during manufacturing processes, and to trim down the faults at every level in the processes. Motorola declared millions of savings by using this method. GE also used Six Sigma and declared that it save up around US $ 300 million to operating income. From the last decade there has been a major initiatives by various industries in use and development of the Six Sigma methodology these includes manufacturing and services industries.

In Six Sigma we can quantify the “faults" we have in our operation/process; methodically can be figured out as to how to reduce/eliminate them close to "zero defects". It means that the frequency of failure is 3.4 parts per million or 99.9997% perfection. Six sigma is widely used by various professionals all over the globe to attain quality and bring process improvements, it enable professional to precisely remove problematic issues and derive improvements using statistical tools. METHODOLOGY

Six Sigma measures faults/defects by statistics; we can measure the potential of the process in order to get zero defects performance, Six Sigma actually hits the root causes of business problems and gives direction to solve it.

DMAIC Process;

DMAIC is a control system with active feedback loop that helps to eliminate ineffective steps. It consists of the following components;

Define: In this phase higher management segregates all the issues related to the processes and describes the problem in specific terms. All the planning should be done within this phase. Measure: During this phase, expressions of the problem that exists are identified and a measurement of current and recent performance is created. Analyze: During this analyze phase, approach about the causes of the problem are composed, these approached are tested and finally the root causes of the problem are identified. Improve: After defining, measuring and analyzing the problems mangers go for the improvement steps to rectify process flaws and bring improvement into the system to attain optimum quality. Control: In this process, systems are put in place to ensure that the gains that have been attained will continue and the issues will not recur. We can put together all these tools to rectify most of the problems occurring in the industry to reach maximum quality of goods, services, and to attain maximum customer satisfaction. DFSS Process;

DFSS (design for six sigma) is comparatively a more efficient tool than DMAIC, it includes people training and measurements, it also assists R&D to design such products and processes that meets customers’ viewpoint and can be reproduced at Six Sigma quality levels. Its application is in the early stage of new product/process development.


Six Sigma implementation can be divided into two types of business: manufacturing and non-manufacturing,

Manufacturing business;

Manufacturing companies like Motorola was the first business that uses Six Sigma in the 1980s; since then Sigma has been successfully being implemented in other manufacturing organizations such as Boeing, DuPont, Ford Motor, Seagate, Texas Instruments, GE, etc.

Non-manufacturing business;

1) Health Care

Healthcare services are one of the major dynamic non- manufacturing platforms which have adopted Six Sigma on larger scale, reason could be the nature of zero tolerance for mistakes and potential for reducing medical errors, Six Sigma implementation at this platform is to reduce medical errors and increasing patient safety.

2) Financial Sector

Finance and credit department are always found under heaviness of reducing cash collection cycle time to remain competitive. Six Sigma gives direction to finance to improve cash allocation in order to reduce bank charges, credits defects, check collection defects,...
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