Six Sigma Implementation at Maple Leaf Foods

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 Maple

leaf Foods (MLF) company is based in Toronto, Canada with Operation across Canada and in United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Mexico.

 Maple

Leaf Brand appeared more then 100

years.  In 1990, Maple Leaf Mills Limited and Canada Packers Inc. merged to form Maple Leaf Foods.  In 1995, McCain Capital Corporation and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board acquired controlling interest in the company

 Louann

Hulsoman, a senior manger at Maple Leaf Food’s, had asked to meet Anthony Scire, plant manager at Maple Leaf Food’s Rivermede plant in Toranto, regarding a new initiative that she was heading, six Sigma @ The Edge. Based on the recent success of Six Sigma at the Rivermede plant, Louann had approached Anthony about the Rivermede plant becoming one of the Pilot site for Six Sigma @ the Edge.

 The

term “Six Sigma” refers to 3.4 defects per 1 million opportunities.  Six Sigma Uses martial art terminology to describe the level of training and experience of practitioners Green Belt  Black Belt

Typically lead customer focused project team using Systematic problem-solving Change and project management skills and analytical techniques to drive fact based decision-making.

Master Black Belt

 Cost

reduction and revenue building  Help each employee to enhance and to realize his or here full potential

 Anthony

had strong attraction to the Six Sigma methodology. He believed Six Sigma can help with following Get control  Discipline and predicable performance for the operation 

 He

believed the key to successful Six Sigma projects are:
Energetic and capable project leader  Supportive champion  Clear goal and problem Statement  Discipline to the process

 If

you were in the position of Anthony Scire, how would you respond to Louann Hulsman’s request to implement Six Sigma @ the Edge at the Rivermede plant ?

The Six Sigma Challenge

 

He would look for a project that can be championed by him or his direct reports Plan ready for Six Sigma @ the Edge? Identifying the resources needed, and create a budget Training costs

 

Define the roles and responsibilities How to handle the transition, since embracing the Six sigma @ the Edge means the role of managers supervisors and the plant workforce will change

Not take the Six Sigma Challenge

There are no project that can be championed by him or his direct reports There are not enough resources The cost of training is larger then it is allowed by the budget

Would request for more time to do the analysis need to make a decision

 If

you proceed, how would Six Sigma @ the Edge affect the managers, supervisors and plant workforce ?

 Potential

problems like full roll-out to all hourly people.  Resources needed for implementation  Budget requirement like no of Black belts, green belts and white belt need.  Training  To run a plant, coordinator  Form steering committee  Mainly Roles of Managers, Supervisors and plant workforce will change.  Transition handling.

 What

is your list of questions for Louann?

 Need

of Resources ?  Budget requirement like no of Black belts, green belts and white belt need.?  Training cost ?  To run a plant, who will coordinate ?  Formation of steering committee ?  Changes regarding Roles of Managers, Supervisors and plant workforce. ?  Transition handling.?

 What

criteria would you use to evaluate the readiness of the Rivermede plant to proceed with implementation of Six Sigma @ the Edge?

 

 

The site has a plant manager and executive that want to participate in six sigma @ the Edge The plant manger team is relatively capable and progressive The site is able to assign a site coordinator for the duration of the pilot which could be approximately 12 months Strong supervisor Leadership program participant a plus Strong local belt a plus...
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