Six Sigma

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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodological approach by which errors in a company’s current processes and plans are identified and strategies to fix the same are formulated. It is fact-based technique, involving a lot of data handling, which provides scientific results for cost cutting and reduction in waste of resources.

It is also a fat–based, data–driven philosophy of quality improvement that values defect deterrence over defect exposure. It drives customer satisfaction and bottom-line results by reducing variation and waste, thereby promoting a competitive advantage. It applies anywhere variation and waste exist, and every employee should be involved. Sigma is a measure of the process variability or spread.

Six Sigma is actually a registered trademark of Motorola Inc., in the USA, who first pioneered Six Sigma methods in the 1980's. Six Sigma is a scientific methodology that strives to accomplish perfect quality in the eyes of the customer. It's a structured presentation improvement process that has nothing to do with martial arts other than the names were taken to dictate the levels of expertise.

Importance of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is important because it scores much higher over other quality improvement techniques such as TQM. It really helps when it comes to handling competition, which has increased considerably in today’s business world.

Business organizations worldwide have realized that in order to beat the competition, they will have to offer better quality products or services to their customers and that too at competitive rates.

Six Sigma helps because it enables business organizations to achieve the above stated objective, which ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction and helps in building customer loyalty. Having a loyal group of customers is always important for any business because it ensures a constant flow of revenues even when there is a cyclical downturn in the industry.

Levels of Six Sigma

Green Belt...
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