Six-day War and Israeli Military Leaders

Topics: Israel, Egypt, Six-Day War Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Why was Israel so successful in dealing with threats to its survival in the years 1948-73?

Israel’s success in dealing with the treats it came across was due to many factors. These included Israel’s military tactics; which is one of the most important ones. Israeli determination for an independent state, the disunity between the Arab people, territory and the role of the US all played a part in the triumph of Israeli survival in the years 1948 – 73.

Israeli military tactics were a long-term factor of why Israel was so extraordinary at dealing with everything that was thrown at them. Israel’s troops were highly motivated and better trained than any Middle Eastern country as the Israelis fought beside Britain in WWII. Additionally Israeli military leaders; like Moshe Dayan were very skilled and the tactics that were used outsmarted the other rivalling nations. Moshe Dayan, who was called ‘a hero-tactician’ and was know for being an Israeli military leader and politician, was able to provoke Egypt into a war he knew they were not prepared for. He was able to come up with cunning schemes that outsmarted the Arabs. The 6-day war is also one of many Israeli victories as the strategies used were able to destroy Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian air force in just the first four hours of the Israeli take off on the 5th of June 1967. This consequently led to the success of Israel dealing with threats due to their outstanding military tactics.

The role of the US was also a crucial reason why Israel survived. The USSR and US were greatly involved with the Yom Kippur War as the USSR sent arms to Egypt and Syria and the US organised a massive airlift to Israel, which contributed to the military power they already had. Another reason why the US supported the Israelis was because they had similar political aims. They were against the spread of communism and the US was also resistant to the expansion of the Soviet Union. After the Suez crisis, the United States...
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