Situation Analysis & Strategy Report

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Capsim - Andrews Fall ‘11
Situation Analysis and Strategy Report

MBA 500 Essentials of Business Management
Instructor’s name: Pantelis Voniatis
Students’ names: T…M…
P… K…
E… L…
A… R…

Table of Contents


Andrews – Team Practice Rounds 1 & 23

Andrews – Team Competition Rounds 1, 2 & 34

Andrews - Graphs5




After the break up of the monopoly in the industry of sensors there were generated six different companies which tried to compete each other by applying either specific or a variety of strategic methods. Our team was Andrews and our rivals were Baldwin, Chester, Digby, Erie and Ferris. The targeted customer segments were separated into five categories: Low End, Traditional, High End, Performance and Size.

Andrews – Team Practice Rounds 1 & 2

In the beginning of Practice Round 1, our team’s members participated in a meeting in which we discussed trying to find out which would be the most appropriate strategy to begin with, what our competitive moves would be and which segments would be the most profitable. After some arguments and doubts we resulted in adopting the Cost Leadership with Lifecycle Focus strategy, unanimously. We followed the same strategy during Practice Round 2, as well. Our decision was taken in attempt to dedicate our operations in Low End, Traditional and High End segments.

Research & Development
As this strategy requires, our team did not revised keenly its products. This was because our main targeted segments were Low End and Traditional, two customer segments that do not need strong revision of products. In our plans, was included that generation of a new High End product. This would become true, while the old would mature running through the Traditional and leading to the Low End segment. Production

With reference to the production, our team took an crucial decision, to increase automation levels....

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