Single Board Computer for Embedded Applications

Topics: Microprocessor, Integrated circuit, Central processing unit Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Presented by: Anshuree Punetha, Shruti Vajpeyi, Sudeshna Bhattacharjee Students of Shri Ram Murti Smarak Women’s College of Engineering & Technology

Developments in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits) technology have led to implementation of an entire microcomputer on a single board. SBC (Single Board Computers) are complete computers built on a single circuit board. Unlike the motherboard of a personal computer that functions with various daughter boards to perform different tasks, SBCs design consists of a single/dual microprocessor with RAM, I/O devices and all other features needed to be a functional computer on a single board. SBCs have gained huge market acceptance for embedded applications like process control, industrial computing, data acquisition, research and development and military projects. We will be discussing in this paper about the latest microprocessors used in SBC based on ARM, Intel and standard connections like LAN, PCIe, USB and Ethernet. The processor is the main component of SBC. Hence it is essential to know the type of the processor, processing speed etc. for a particular application. For eg, in an industrial environment where the importance is given to ruggedness of the box rather than the CPU performance, the preference would be fanless processors like those from Intel (Atom) and VIA. But for billing systems which needs more processing power, SBC may require a dual port or higher performance processor.ARM which was prevalent on handset space has entered SBC with its Cortex A series processors. For eg, Beagle Board is popular single board computer that is powered by 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. For network appliance, it’ll be the external interface like LAN (Local Area Network) port that plays an important role while in a PDA or other handheld where integration on chip is important in compact...
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