Computer Motherboard

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The main board of a computer, usually containing the circuitry for the central processing unit, keyboard and monitor.

PCI (Peripheral component interconnect) slot- an interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices in which expansion slots are spaced closely for high speed operation. 1-6 slots AGP (Accelerated graphic port)(Advanced graphic port) – an expansion slot found on many motherboards specifically designed for video graphic card. Central processing unit (CPU) socket – Home of computer processor. 2 types of socket

1. Pin grid array (PGA)
2. Land grid array (LGA)
2 major processor
1. AMD
2. Intel
Motherboard battery compartment- data is stored using a battery on the motherboard Ram Slot – slots that holds the ram chips of the computer. 2 types
1.) Dimm (Double inline memory module) – new types of ram
2.) Simm (Single inline memory module)- early stick. 8 Dram chips Power connector –power supply comes on the main power. 24 pins Random Access memory (Ram) – form of computer data storage. Dynamic access memory (DRAM). Short term memory. Stick or module- small circuit board

SDRAM (Synchronous Dram)- Synchronous. Tied to the system clock. 1996. Speed – PC 66- PC133 a. 66 MHz
b. 75 MHz
c. 83 MHz
d. 100 MHz
e. 133 MHz
RDRAM (RAMBUS DRAM)- developed by Rambus Inc., could not handle speed up to 800 MHz 600,700,800 MHz. DDR SDRAM- Double data rate SDRAM. Doubling the throughput of SDRAM by making two process for every clock cycle. 184 pins dims. SDR (SDRAM) – single data rate. Original SDRAM.

Table of DDR

Video card – Display adapter. Handles the video chores within the PC, processing information from the CPU and sending it out to the monitor. 2 major port
1. Video ram- store image
2. Video processor circuitry- takes the information on the video ram and shoot it out to the monitor. Required Bits per color:
2 colors = 1 Bit(mono)
4 colors = 2 Bits
16 colors = 4 Bits
256 colors = 8 Bits
64 k colors =...
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