Sin City

Topics: Sin City, Film, Actor Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: March 3, 2007
Violence, profanity, and nudity: some of the main ingredients in any action packed joyride. Although many films bear these elements, few are able to integrate them. In 2005, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller released the instant classic, Sin City. Based on Frank Miller's graphic novels, or simply comics, the motion picture offers something riveting and new around every corner, either in its shady characters, intense storyline, or astonishing visual effects. Frank Miller's Sin City is a non-stop action thriller armed with an extremely unique and innovative style as well as a cast of incomparable talent.

Sin City may be the most faithful comic translation ever portrayed on the big screen. Director Rodriguez follows the graphic novels as close as cinematically possible. The dialogue used in the film matches that used by Miller in his novels. The motion picture uses an unusual dialogue as its clash between older English and modern slang. For example, characters throughout the film use the words dames and broads to depict women. This uncommon technique gives a refreshing outtake on dialogue. The film also provides a steady voiceover narrative by key characters. This allows the audience to get inside the thoughts of the main characters and why they make the actions they do. Sin City is also presented in an untimely fashion. Unlike most films of recent times, Sin City is presented in black and white. According to Berardinelli, "Black-and-white is the best format for film noir, and Rodriguez recognizes that – not that anyone would mistake this picture, with its kinetic energy and restless camera, for a relic of the ‘40s or ‘50s." Instead of being entirely in black and white, Sin City shows splashes of color with the blue of a woman's eyes or the red of someone's blood. The black and white theme is also further illustrated with the use of silhouettes. Viewers definitely receive the full comic book experience especially with the characters' ties and...
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