gran torino

Topics: Gang, Gangs, Crime Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Gran Torino
Does the movie Gran Torino glorify violence and gun culture in the United States make specific reference to events in the film? The movie Gran Torino does glorify, justify violence and gun culture in the United States when used for the greater good as the military or police do to save lives of many civilians every day. The protagonist Walt Kowalski known as simply Walt well he’s a character he loves using his gun as if it was his culture after all he is a retired veteran. He demonstrates in this movie that it is only by facing the sometimes overwhelming obstacles and difficulties of life that an individual can truly be at rest even by guns. In the movie Walt is the main contributor to justifying violence and gun culture including saving sue and her friend from near death as well as the Hmong saves Thao from Latino gang, saving Tao from the Hmong gang also his cousins and for everyone’s greater good giving up his life to save Tao and his family from anymore danger. As sue and her date are walking down the street they are confronted by bunch of street thugs(the black gang) who try to sexual abuse sue and threaten to hurt her date. Walt brings justice to this by standing up to the gangbangers they exchange words Walt pulls out his pistol to scare off the gangbangers and in successful with doing that he takes sue back home. Also Thao is saved from a gang by gang as he was walking the Latino gang try to interact with him but he puts his head down and keeps walking then his cousin comes around and saves him from death As he uses force and gun use to potentially save her life which does diligence and glorifies the use of gun violence. Thao is caught by Walt when he tries to steal the 1972 gran Torino as part of a gang initiation he fails at doing so. His family finds out about this miss deed and in order to restore honour Thao must pay his dues to Walt. The punishment that Thao receives is to work for Walt for 2 weeks in those few weeks. He is harassed for...
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