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MEDIA – Film Genre Task
Film Genre
Genre is a class or category of artistic endeavour having a particular form, content, technique, or the like.

In film theory, genre refers to the method based on similarities in the narrative elements from which films are constructed. Most theories of film genre are borrowed from literary genre (eg. books). Besides the basic distinction between fiction and documentary, film genres can be categorised in several ways.

The setting is the environment where the story and action takes place.

The theme or topic refers to the issues or concepts that the film revolves around.

The mood is the emotional tone of the film.

Format refers to the way the film was shot or the manner of presentation.

Target Audience
The target audience can be another way of categorising film genres.

Film genres often branch out into subgenres, as in the case of the courtroom and trial- focused subgenre of drama known as legal drama. They can be combined to form hybrid genres, such as the melding of horror and comedy in Evil Dead films (American Horror Film franchise consisting of four feature films).

Brief: Students are to select four film genres and to write a description, two interesting facts and some film examples for each, in the table below (see example).

AWESOME AND VERY HELPFUL WEBSITE - http://www.filmsite.org/greatlists.html

Genre Description
Film Examples

Horror films are designed to frighten and to invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining the audience at the same time.

Horror films feature a range of styles from the earliest silent films, to todays CGI monsters and deranged humans.

There are many subgenres of horror: slasher, teen terror, serial killers, Dracula and so forth.

Two Interesting Facts
In the film The Exorcist (1973) the main actor Ellen Burstyn received a...
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