Simplex Method

Topics: Optimization, Linear programming, George Dantzig Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: June 16, 2014
The simplex method is used regularly on applied problem involving thousands of variables and problem constrains (Barnett, Ziegler, & Byleen, 2011). This was the method chosen when Wintel Technologies needed to figure out the best way to utilize time and schedule for their field engineers. With a busy schedule and being needed on several different areas in the United States, the simplex method was brought in to decide where and when employees should be spending their time and the company’s money. The organization will do an analysis of the impact of the different compensation methods and benefit programs on employees and the organizations will discuss and gain an understanding of how these programs impact the organization. A comprehensive look at the compensation methods and benefit program is necessary to reveal any holes in the system. The company will then explore the many options available to it when deciding on a compensation package suite to both the employee and the organization. An objective function is when you have one word that is the keyword. And that keyword is either minimized or maximized. You can do this to a name, colon, or a linear equation. “Although a particular linear program must have one objective function, a model may contain more than one objective declaration.” (Fourer, Gay, & Kernighan, 2003, pg. 134, Chapter 8). Constraints are a little different than objective functions. But they do have some similarities. The Similarities are that they both use a keyword the only thing is in constraints you do not have to have a beginning keyword like you do in and objective function. “The name of a constraint, like the name of an objective, is not used anywhere else in an algebraic model” (Fourer, Gay, Kernighan, 2003, pg. 134, Chapter 8). Both the objective function and constraints work well together you cannot use one without using the other. The simplex method was invented by Gorge B. Dantzig in 1947. The simplex method is the most...
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