Should You Work During College?

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Should You Work During College?
In Michael Toth’s persuasive article entitled “Should You Work During College?”(2008) written in addition order specifically causes and effects, the author states that there are ups and downs in having a career, or a part time job, while still studying. The main dilemma in this situation is time management between college and a job. A lot of things should be taken under consideration before taking up such a responsibility. These things include the time required to maintain college and a job, personal preferences, things willing to give up, and the financial status. The author offered guidelines in his article in whether having a job while studying is for you or not, by stating advantages and disadvantages of such a thing. Then the author moved on to talk about the advantages of having a job while studying. “One reason for getting a job is money” the author stated that college expenses are getting higher starting from tuition and books all the way to food and everyday activities. Having a job can provide you with enough money to withstand such costs. The author also mentioned that one of the serious factors for students to pursue a career while studying is the extent money behind it, then he explained himself saying “you should determine to what extent money is a factor for you” meaning that money will mostly be the main issue while taking such decision. In addition having a job will provide you with the ability do more things you would enjoy in your free time. An additional advantage according to Toth is work experience. Post-graduation, as a student applies for a job, the employer will most likely want him/her to have some work experience. This experience reflects that this student has what it takes to be a good employee in terms of reliability and working skills, thus having a job while in college can provide such experience; however the author clearly said that this is to be considered in the long run, and it is not that...

References: Toth, M. (2008, July 15). Should you work during college? New
York Times.
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