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Topics: Imprinting, Ethology, Imprint Pages: 2 (1060 words) Published: February 25, 2014

During this report I am talking about why it is important for animals to bond and imprint and how doing so can help the animal to survive. Animals do these things to learn, Mother and offspring bond together so the offspring can “define” its mother when it has been born. Imprinting is the connection with the first object whether that being human or the mother. The young identifies that as being its mother, so whatever they do it, they do it because they have learnt it from their mother. The things their other shows them, they do this to survive, According to Penny Kay Animals bond in many ways some animals can bond with the species or with another species such as a dog that wonder into a elephant sanctuary instead of the elephant chasing the dog away the elephant “welcome” the dog. The dog suffered with a spinal cord injury and was taken away from for medical treatment and the elephant stood outside of the building where the dog was being treated. The elephant “refused” to leave the dog’s side. According to “Mother Nature Network”. The way to animals bond with each other is when they “social groom” which means when animals will groom each other such as parent and juvenile, mating parents or just friend . This can either by just a...
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