should welfare recipiants be tested?

Topics: President of the United States, Democratic Party, Bill Clinton Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Drug Testing To Receive Welfare
Welfare is a tax payer sponsored program that gives financial benefits to underprivileged families. With a sizable number of families using the government issued money to fuel their substance abuse, naturally this would spark an outrage from the tax payers and politicians. Drug testing recipients of welfare is currently the only reasonable solution to pacify the controversy at hand. The idea of drug testing welfare recipients before and during their receiving of welfare could potentially have economic and domestic benefits, therefore should be federally enforced throughout the entirety of the United States.

The United States welfare system has been full of flaws since it was created. Some presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have pushed for some kind of welfare reform. In Regan’s “Welfare Reform” speech he called for a “reshape of our welfare system so that it can be judged by how many how many Americans it makes independent off welfare.” (President Ronald Reagan speaks on welfare reform). From when he started running for office, he was not a firm believer in the welfare system the United States was running. Reagan also believed that if changed were not made it would create “a permanent culture of poverty as inescapable as any chain or bond” (President Ronald Reagan speaks on welfare reform). Even liberals, such as former President Bill Clinton, believed a reform for welfare was necessary. His most known contribution to the welfare reform was the “passing of a sweeping reform bill in 1996” (The Clinton Presidency). Clinton came up with a welfare reformation bill which was considered his biggest contribution to welfare reform than any other president in the last decade of the twentieth century. The “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act” that Clinton passed “ required welfare recipients to find jobs and aimed to move poor people off welfare and into the work place” (The Clinton Presidency). Attempts to...
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