Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug test, Unemployment Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Drug Testing Welfare Recipients|
Why We Shouldn’t|
Michael Chiodo |

Drug testing welfare recipients has been a major topic across the United States for a few years now. Many argue that if working class people are subject to a test prior to hire or randomly during the length of employment, why should those that don’t have to work for money not have the same treatment? Invasion of privacy is a huge disadvantage on the government’s part, yes it is free money but that doesn’t entitle anyone, even government, to control every aspect of your life or hold it constantly over a person’s head until they feel guilt or just flat decline assistance. Let’s ask ourselves just one question; if you went to the bank for a car loan, being this is a necessity for everyday living to own, how would you feel if they asked you to take a drug test prior to lending you the money? I feel many peoples’ tune would change drastically.

Money, we all know this is essential in the world we live in. would you go to a restaurant knowing you had no money in your pocket or bank account? Of course not because you know after the meal follows the bill. Working class people are already indebted to the governments ridiculous fees they deduct from each of your paychecks, knowing damn well you will never see social security or and type of 401k. You are throwing your money into a pit that promises no return, would you like an additional fee tacked onto the end of your paystub? Drug testing is not free hence why you go through a rigorous interviewing process prior to being hired to deem if you are worthy of the companies money to send out for a specimen of urine. It is estimated that random annual drug test for welfare recipients would cost tax payers an additional four-thousand dollars per year, individual not household. Could you not spend four grand on anything better than random drug test for those on welfare? There is no punishment for failing a drug test,...
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