Should There Be a Ban on Fashion Shows

Topics: Body mass index, Fashion, Runway Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Fashion TV should be banned as it goes not provides any sensible to young or even people.People see fashion tv just to see girls with less or no clothes.They are notinterested in the design of clothes,name.Please use code **** to ban content on your TV. If there are 18% children,then there are (please minus 18)% adults. And I know how the 18% came, if you arestill using head for Sex - then you’ll.The ban on fashion TV or any other show such as Z Trendz which showsimilar content is definitely justified, since the channel shows content more thannecessary. The channel must realize that the audience..Well this is the 21st century isnt it??? things are subject to revolution.Well idont think The Taliban rules India.Fashion TV banned??? I dont see valid reasons to ban it.Okay if its children getting Though most of the viewers of fashion tv watch it for other reasons thereare genuine fashion watchers in india its a passion and profession for them its like anart for them though most of us dont treat..Huh? Ban? What ban? I haven’t watched ftv for over 2.5 yrs now, I justwent and surfed the channels to see if it is still there. Ya, it is. Some model in a clayface walking down a ramp, and cool musicBan on Fashion TV justified? Well let me start by telling the people whothink fashion TV should be banned, here are some other things you can ban 1.Wrestling it has violence and sex --- ban it 2...In a pretentious Indian society there lived three persons called Mr. Red,Mr. Blue and Mr. Green each have different opinion about ban in Fashion TV. Mr.Red is a bachelor from lower middle class family..A small point before I start. I am totally unaware that Fashion TV hasindeed been banned! Am writing this, assuming it has!! The question is, whose pointof view are we debating here? Lets look at..Its been long since we have bans on things ...Now its F-tv next time itwll be your mobile phone just bcoz someone overheard ur sensual conversation withur...
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