Should Oil Be Restricted?

Topics: Agriculture, World, Running Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Global Education- Oil
The use of oil should defiantly be heavily restricted and invested as sustainable energy. Not only for our sake but for the future generations all over the world. The following facts will support my idea that planning for a future without oil should be supported. These are: it would be much better if we slowly run out of oil, rather than having none all of a sudden, preparing for a world without oil is easily done, than frantically running out, and the impact of having no oil left on our stock market. If the world ran out of oil tomorrow, the whole world would be disaster-prone. We wouldn’t know what to do, as we have not prepared for a future without oil. As everyone from all over the world uses oil on a daily basis for things that we wouldn’t even think about, everybody is so use to their normal functioning lives with oil, we wouldn’t know how to cope without it. Within a day after having no oil, transport would shut down and all vital transport would shut down. Everyone would be frantic and going to the local store and stealing food, how long is the food going to last… there won’t be a new truckload of food being delivered tomorrow; there is no oil to power anything. But this problem is so easily avoidable. Just by planning ahead, if we restrict our oil use, people will adjust their lives to having little oil in their lives, sure it would be hard at first but think of the end results, you would know how to live and function when oil actually does run out. With everyone alerted to the facts that the world is running out of oil, experts will have the time to think about ways and things that can be used as a substitute for oil. With today’s technology this gives them time to research and make bio-fuels. Preparing for a world without oil can be easily done, whereas unexpectedly running out of oil is not so tranquil. Places like hospitals would be aware of the situation and have backup plans in place for when oil does run out,...
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