Should Offenders Be Eligible for Community Corrections

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Prison Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: November 24, 2006
Yes, there are some offenders that should not be eligible for community corrections. Some of them would be serial killers, repeated sex offenders and terrorist. These people should not be permitted to do any kind of community corrections due to the fact that they are constantly committing crimes or attempting to attack our country. Due to the severity of their crimes, criminals should be under constant surveillance in a jail or prison until they have paid the full price for their actions. No offender of a harsh or brutal crime should be let off so easily. If the offender committed a petty crime, then lenient punishment would be acceptable. If the offender was a juvenile, and the crime was not severe, then being lenient would increase their chances of being a productive member of society. You don't want to incarcerate the juvenile and take him away from society and the education that he is supposed to be receiving. This seems like it would only make matters worse. Community corrections offer possible alternatives to incarceration for offenders at various stages of the criminal justice process. It's a great way to keep jail numbers down, but when it comes down to the safety of our community is not good to have repeated offenders. Unless the community corrections finds a way to know what the offender does at all times then maybe they could consider their eligibility, if not then keep them away from society. Yes, I do believe that a murderer could be safely given a community service sentence. I believe this because sometimes the murder is in self defense. If a person is protecting himself or his family then he has a right to take someone's life in certain circumstances. After the court of law has determined that the defendant murdered in self defense, then they could proceed to administer community service or a lenient sentence. In some cases murder could also be accidental. If an old lady runs someone over, I don't think she should do prison time because there is...
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