Shotgun and Correct Answer

Topics: Shotgun, Rifle, Hunting Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Question| You're ready to shoot a rifle. You should draw a deep breath and then:| | Study This Section Again|
Answers| A hold your breath| |
| B exhale half-way| Correct Answer|
| C exhale all the way| Your Answer|
| D squeeze the trigger| |
Explanation| Your breathing can move the rifle just enough to throw off your shot. When you're ready to shoot, draw a deep breath and exhale about half of it. Then hold your breath as you squeeze the trigger.|

Question| Which two shotgun chokes are best for hunting small, fast, close birds?| | Study This Section Again|
Answers| A improved cylinder and modified| Correct Answer| | B full and cylinder (unchoked)| |
| C modified and cylinder (unchoked)| |
| D full and improved cylinder| Your Answer|
Explanation| Someone hunting small, fast, close birds would generally use an improved cylinder or modified choke, which creates a broad shot pattern that spreads quickly at close ranges. Conversely, someone hunting a larger, less mobile bird that is usually farther away, such as a turkey, would select a full choke, which concentrates the shot in a smaller area.|

Question| Why do hunters pattern their shotguns?|
| Study This Section Again|
Answers| A to decide what animal to hunt| |
| B to select ammunition with the best performance| Correct Answer| | C to compete against other hunters| |
| D to identify the best shooting position to use in the field| Your Answer| Explanation| No two shotguns will shoot identical pellet patterns. In addition to the firing characteristics of the gun, the gun's choke, the brand of shotshell, the shot size, and type of shot also affect the pattern. In order to select ammunition that provides the best performance, it's necessary to pattern your shotgun.|

Question| What is the correct way to shoulder a shotgun?| | Study This Section Again|
Answers| A Lower your head. Bring the stock to your cheek and...
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