History 122 Midterm Study Questions

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Question 1
All of the following factors contributed to explosive economic growth during the Gilded Age EXCEPT:

low tariffs.

Question 2
By 1890, the majority of Americans:

worked for wages.

Question 3
The second industrial revolution was marked by:

the acceleration of factory production and increased activity in the mining and railroad industries.

Question 4
The ____________ made possible the second industrial revolution in America.


Question 5
In 1883, ____________ divided the nation into the four time zones still used today.

the major railroad companies

Question 6
In the nineteenth century, pools, trusts, and mergers were:

ways that manufacturers sought to control the marketplace.

Question 7 (1 point)
Between 1897 and 1904, a wave of financial mergers led to the creation of the following corporations, all of which dominated major parts of the economy EXCEPT:

Quaker Oats.

Question 8 (1 point)
One significant economic impact of the second industrial revolution was:

frequent and prolonged economic depressions.

Question 9 (1 point)
Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller:

built up giant corporations that dominated their respective markets.

Question 10 (1 point)
The American working class:

lived in desperate conditions.

Question 11 (1 point)
In How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Riis:

focused on the wretched conditions of New York City slums.

Question 12 (1 point)
Bonanza farms:

typically had 3,000 acres of land or more.

Question 13 (1 point)
The economic development of the American West was based on:

lumber, mining industries, tourism, and farming.

Question 14 (1 point)
What did hunters shoot while riding the railroads across the West?


Question 15 (1 point)
Which statement about Chief Joseph’s appeal to an audience in Washington, D.C., in 1879 is FALSE?

He did not wish to speak to the audience, but had been coerced to do so by President Hayes.

Question 16 (1 point)
What was the aim of Carlisle, a boarding school for Indians?

to civilize the Indians, making them “American” as whites defined the term

Question 17 (1 point)
 The Civil Service Act of 1883:

created a merit system for government workers.

Question 18 (1 point)
The Interstate Commerce Commission was established in 1887 to:

ensure that railroads charged farmers and merchants reasonable and fair rates.

Question 19 (1 point)
 The Greenback-Labor Party:

wanted to increase the amount of money in circulation.

Question 20 (1 point)
The Grange was an organization that:

established cooperatives for storing and marketing farm output.

Question 21 (1 point)
 During the second industrial revolution, the courts:

tended to favor the interests of industry over those of labor.

Question 22 (1 point)
One of the reasons that the Great Strike of 1877 was important is that:

it underscored the tensions produced by the rapid industrialization of the time.

Question 23 (1 point)
The Knights of Labor:

was an inclusive organization that advocated for a vast array of reforms.

Question 24 (1 point)
The Social Gospel:

called for an equalization of wealth and power.

Question 25 (1 point)
The Haymarket Affair:

was provoked by the 1886 bombing at a Chicago labor rally.

Study Quiz Chapter 17

Question 1

0 / 1 point
Farmers believed that their plight derived from all of the following EXCEPT:

the free and unlimited coinage of silver.

Question 2

1 / 1 point
The Farmers’ Alliance:

sought to improve conditions through cooperatives.

Question 3

0 / 1 point
The Populist platform:

called for government control of business.

Question 4

1 / 1...
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