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Think about your favorite store or a store you go to frequently. Describe what is in the store window. Based on what you read,is the store window appealing? Explain. “Yours” which is translated as"你的攝影" is my favorite store. As I went through this photo studio at first time, I slowdown my pace instantly due to the enormous Stitch and the dreamy cartoon setting. For example, the window of first floor is placed a Mickey mouse in colorful surrounding, and the window of second floor is set a rocket. Most importantly, either the outside of this building or inside are Disney style which holded most people’s heart when they were child and possibly included now. I think this store window is appealing.The first reason is that on account of the interesting façade and mysterious store’s name which make me disunderstand what store it is, the curiosity would tempt me to come inside the store to take a look around. Second, in spite of the fact that I know it’s a photo studio, I would still step in it owing to the creative idea and unique atmosphere that differs from others. Last but not least, the giant and attracted landmark which could stand for the distinguishing feature is considerably vital such as the Stitch statue in the studio. Other than store windows, what are some ways store owners use appearance inside the store attract customers? To stand out from their competition in a crowded advertising marketplace, all kinds and sizes of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies are joining forces to reach their mutual market of "customers" more efficiently. The first way is outdoor decoration such as billboards, neon signs, light boxes, electronic flash shows ads, posters, flyers, advertisements, living advertisement, shop signs, facade decoration, window placement and outdoor lighting, etc..From what I have mentioned above, create a memorable strike which make passerby an impression. Although he or she wouldn’t enter the shop at first, they possibly...
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