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No matter how you coat it, Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the US and worldwide. Sherwin-Williams has rose to his level of success by excelling in the their strategic management process and Sherwin-Williams implements its strategy with its mission statement: "For over 140 years, manufacturers have trusted Sherwin-Williams for innovative coatings and exceptional service. And you can count on us for the expertise and the support you need to get better results, from start to finish." Also The Sherwin-Williams Company has established a vision statement and quality commitment, which states: "We commit to seek out the expectations of our customers and to consistently meet and exceed those expectations through our service, products and attitudes." To achieve this vision Sherwin Williams will use a combination of innovation and market development grand strategies to realize the long-term objectives of improving local market position, creating a high focus on customer satisfaction, attaining high employee morale, and increasing market share. The Sherwin-Williams Company is committed to the products finishing industry and strives to be a valuable supplier and resource for their customers.

Sherwin Williams intends to overcome challenges and take advantage of all market opportunities through committing to the strategic implementation. This commitment starts right at the top and is expected throughout every level of management all the way down to the frontline sales force. Strategic Managers have been utilizing a plan in supporting personnel in order to direct their efforts at specific markets and customers of a global scope. A group of Strategic Account Managers dedicates their efforts towards total service of specific global accounts through close communication with customer facilities, their emphasis is coordinating sales and service activities. Currently, Sherwin-Williams growth strategy is to acquire...
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