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Social project

Acknowledgment-I am happy to do this thankful to my school teachers ,head of senior wing to give this thankfull to the goole books and other websites in helping me to do this project .i thank my frnds and seniors for helping me in doing this project.i specially thank my brother for helping me in doing this project ,he taught me many new things while doing this project .i really loved to do this project. Purpose-the purpose of doing this project is to get an idea of how to be escaped wen there is a disaster in our environment. We can also learn the ways how to communicate wen a disaster occurs, the agencies who help us wen we r in a risk due to disasters,etc. Aim-

Experience-this project made me do things which I never taught of doing,they are ,I started being fascinated abt the disasters and the way people were saved , I started reading newspapers thoroughly than before and it was lik I was traveling whole world for getting info abt disasters and the communication facilities was really a nice experience doing this project and it was a trip for me infact. Introduction-

Disaster management is a process or strategy that is implemented before, during or after any type of catastrophic event takes place. This process can be initiated whenever anything threatens to disrupt normal operations or puts people's lives at risk. Governments at all levels as well as many businesses create their own disaster plans that make it possible to overcome various catastrophes and return to functioning normally as quickly as possible

Disaster Management: the range of activities designed to mitigate the effects of disasters and emergency situations and to provide a framework for helping people at-risk to avoid or recover from the impact of the disaster. Unfortunately at the time of major natural disasters, the regular telecommunication infrastructure of public wired and wireless telephones get severely damaged and become non functional. During this emergency situation, the communication traffic goes beyond its capacity which leads to congestion of the network or in worst case ,complete failure of network. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have the communication links operational among Government authorities at various levels and the people/ volunteers working in the disaster affected areas to help the affected population

Need of Alternative Communication in Disaster Management-
During an emergency or disaster, there are several alternative communication methods that individuals, employees and businesses can implement. Particularly during a disaster, it is important to have alternative strategies available. Providing communication as part of a disaster plan, as well as utilizing ham radio, social networking sites and emergency alert systems, are alternative ways to communicate during a disaster. Emergencies place demands on communication processes that are often significantly different from the demands of non-emergency circumstances. Emergencies often involve escalating and evolving events that demand high performance and flexibility from the systems that provide emergency communication services. Message prioritisation, automation of communication, fast message delivery, communication audit trails, and other capabilities are often required by each unique emergency situation. Inadequate emergency communications capabilities can have consequences that are inconvenient at best and disastrous at worst.

What agencies need to be involved
1. Transportation
.2. Communications
.3. Public Works and Engineering
4. Fire Fighting
5. Information and Planning
6. Mass Care
7. Resource Support
.8. Health and Medical Services
9. Urban Search and Rescue
10. Hazardous Materials
11. Food
12. Energy

List few disasters occurred in india
1. Uttarakhand flash floods, June 2013
2. Cyclone Nilam, Oct. 31, 2012
3. Cyclone Thane, Dec. 30, 2011
4. Cyclone Laila,...
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