Contingency Planning

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Contingency Planning
Kimberlea Penney
AIU Online
February 10, 2013
Prof. R. Rodriguez

Contingency planning is an effective back up plan to any situation that requires an alternative course of action for the outcome of a common goal. There are several steps involved in contingency planning and these steps prepare for the strategic planning process to come to full effectiveness for a facility. A full plan for a facility allows for immediate resolutions for managing and addressing the issues as they come into view or if markers are assigned to allow for a sense of prior knowledge.

Contingency Planning
When an organization begins to address plans for future development, there is a chance to develop some ideas of what should be done in the event of unexpected or unforeseen events. The idea is to be better prepared for issues of any magnitude that will allow for an organization to reduce the effects of the issue and continue with business as per usual.

The plans do not allow for the future event to be exactly as to what is planned but allows for the markers to be identified and a probable solution to a problem. As the issue develops, the solution can handle all aspects of it and maybe add some precautionary values addressed with it.

These plans are backburners that can be put into action at any time during the implementation of a plan. It is flexibility with change in the face of a needed failsafe for unexpected events.
The benefits of contingency planning are that it sets a better position for unexpected developments as a planned escape route in the event of a solid negative impact. It allows for the reduction of delays and indecision. The preparation allows for the hiccup to be present but operation continues. Rational responses can be given due to contingency and avoid total panic and reputable damages. It also forces a forward thought into possible future outcomes instead of a singular outcome with no outside movement.

There are...

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