Sexual Harassment

Topics: Sexual harassment, Sexism, Human sexual behavior Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Sexual harassment is forbidden, particularly on the job and work places but when employees and employers recognize such expression of character, they must identify regulations and policies to prohibit this behavior. The government is also in place of constituting amendments behind dealing with harassment cases to let the employees realize the best weapon to use when faced with such immoral behaviors. However, education is the key factor and tool that can win the situation (Saguy, 2003). The Burlington’s hierarchy of structural management, Slowik was placed as the middle manager. The company contains eight divisions having employed more than 22,000 employees in each plant. The manager had authority of hiring and giving promotions to other employee depending on his decisions. Therefore, his decision and position were not included among the upper level management which was a not among the policy making body. In simple terms, an increase of woman in the workforces for the last decade has revealed a severe sexual harassment case. This is a combination of an increase in the extension of the employer’s liability for a detailed supervision. Job status and rank is the worst enemy to this fact where employers have created certain areas of serious concern in employees (Saguy, 2003). Sexual harassment can be classified in different categories but all in the form of sexual discrimination. However, the general legal definition of sexual harassment is an act of being unwelcome verbal or a physical conduct in a sexual nature that is much more severe that can affect the working situation or bring hostility in the workforce environment. Nevertheless, one cannot categorize sexual harassment if the situation or the parties involved are welcome and no act of opposition is in between the members (Saguy, 2003). When you come into recognition that a certain individual is harassing you sexually, it is essential to communicate to express you uncomfortable. For...
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