Sexually Harrassment

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Running Head: Sexually Harassment in the workplace1

Sexually Harassment in the workplace


Running Head: Sexually Harassment in the workplace2


Every year women across the world seek counsel from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) due to unwanted sexual advances, hostile work environment, lack of management training, neglecting to respond to employee complaints, and sex discrimination. In certain corporations such as prisons and farm houses women are seen as prey to men. Female workers have decided to not endure the harassment, unwanted advances, to be ignored by management, and not be judged or taken advantage of because of their sex. I was motivated by the two articles to bring awareness of sexual harassment by men that are in management positions and take advantage of their roles in the workplace.

Michael Doyle and McClatchy, (5/29/2013) Women workers at Florida prison win class action status in sexual harassment case.

In the first article the EEOC filed a complaint in a Federal district court Taronica White v. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Department of Justice on February 6, 2011. Taronica and a group of women went to their local EEOC to seek help due to the terrifying sexual harassment they faced on a daily from inmates and the male management officer. Federal Correctional Complex Colman (FCC Coleman) was charged with failing to protect female workers from the inmates. The women alleged the environment was filled with sexual abuse and assault, more than 60 women provided affidavits complaining about the public masturbation, vulgar language, rape threats, and groping by inmates. The women stated when the issues was brought to management attention they were told “stop complaining so much, this is a prison what you expect, one woman

Running Head: Sexually Harassment in the workplace3

Stated a supervisor told her if “I was an inmate I’ll say and do the same thing to you” (Doyle and McClatchy). The group of women at FCC Coleman that started the petition decided to make it a class action suit stating that every woman that work at the prison experienced has this behavior either direct or indirect. One teacher stated that an inmate masturbated in her classroom in front of her and ejaculated, when she reported it to management she was ignored. Another woman came forth because she was sexually touched by an inmate, she also reported it to management and was told “if I was an inmate I’ll do the same thing too” (Doyle and McClatchy).

The woman at FCC Coleman acknowledge working in a prison is expected to be rough, the problem was sexual harassment by inmates and male supervisors. The problem was so bad the women had to hire a vendor to make smocks in an attempt to reduce the sexually harassment. The women paid for attire out of pocket, they believed if they wore the big black to cover up their body parts (e. g. butt, breast, thighs etc.) it would spot the sexual comments, but it did not. The women walk on the compound everyday enduring remarks such “I’ll bend you over and sex with you, I’ll rape you, suck my **** etc.” (Doyle and McClatchy) and nothing was done to protect these women by the management staff at FCC Coleman.

The sexual harassment at FCC Coleman was not in the housing units only it happened all over the complex according to women (e.g. classroom, medical station, dining hall, Chaplin, recreation area, library, and the compound). According to the article since February 6, 2011 approximately a little over three hundred and sixty women have worked at FCC Complex and they have all been included in the class action suit past and present.

Running Head: Sexually Harassment in the workplace 4

Before the lawsuit was filed according to the article at least one hundred fifty women required counseling from...
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