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By chuffschmidt Dec 18, 2012 296 Words
Studies show that forty percent of teens admitted to sending sexually suggestive electronic messages. Sexting can be defined as the practice of electronically transmitting nude or seminude images of oneself. Adolescents do not realize the extent of the actions they are performing. They are making childish, naïve choices. Many teens do not feel that sexting is a big deal, while some teens are not aware of what they are doing. The only way to help prevent these actions is to inform more adolescents on the extent of their behavior. Along with punishment, children mainly need good advisement on healthy relationships and actions that go along with a healthy relationship. Hopefully, everyone can agree on that. Additionally, young adults believe that they have to send these texts in order to keep a relationship. Originally, a photo may only be for a significant other. However, there is no way to determine all of the possible destinations that the photo will reach. While people think they can trust someone, an argument can take that trust away as soon as they forward a picture.

Previously, minors have been charged with a felony and are forced to register as sex offenders. While teenagers should receive punishment for sexting, the extent should not be as harsh as it is. Parents need to take charge and make their children aware. Teens need to realize that in life, you are always held accountable for your actions. Without punishment, teenagers will never learn from their mistakes. Some form of punishment is essential.

Teens need to be aware of the permanent action they are taking when “sexting” through technology, especially in today’s technology. Teenagers making naïve choices will never stop, but their parents and other adults can help teens with proper decision making in relationships.

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