Sexting Among Young Adults

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Sexting among Young Adults

Sexting among teens has been a controversial problem for many years now, with advances in technology quickly engulfing our generation. Recently, a survey from the University of Rhode Island has concluded how popular sexting is among teens in our generation today. According to Health Land Time Magazine, "78% of students in the survey say they've received sexually suggestive messages and 56% say they have received intimate images". As more people realize how serious sexting is, there are ways to avoid it such as parental awareness, restrictions on multi media message plans, and educating teens on the dangers of sexting. Awareness of the dangers of sexting, harsher consequences and better understanding of the subject can possibly prevent or solve this very controversial issue.

Not only is sexting affecting teens who engage in it but it is affecting parents, families and victims of abuse. In 2009, a survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life project showed that "4% of cell owning teens ages 12-17 have sent sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images of themselves to someone else via text messaging". A way of preventing teens to engage in sexting is raising awareness of how dangerous sexting can be. Most teens are not aware of the dangers of sexting, and are often peer pressured into engaging in the activity. If schools can establish a way to provide educational seminars teaching teens about the dangers of sexting, it could prevent more teens from engaging in sexting.

Most parents that provide cellphones to teens, are usually unaware of the many uses a smartphone has. Considering we are a smartphone generation, it is hard for most parents to keep up with the ongoing new technology. A way to enforce the awareness of sexting could involve cellphone companies providing consumers of the dangers that arise with sexting. Also, the...

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