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Sex Education in Public Schools

By kguerrero Jul 11, 2011 939 Words
Sex Education In Public Schools

Sex education in public schools has been a controversial issue in the United States for over a decade. With the HIV and teen pregnancy crises growing, sex education in schools is needed. Some believe that sex education should be taught at home by the children's parents. Others feel that sex education programs in schools do not put an emphasis on abstinence and encourages children to have sexual intercourse. American culture is very sexually oriented and sex is over the media in TV shows like “The Real World” and “Jersey Shore”. Parents do not realize the question that rings in the minds of teenagers everywhere is when to have sex and the most common conversation among students in schools is “sex”. Therefore, educating kids in school about sex from an early age is very important.

Teen pregnancy has been a problem for a long time and the cause is the lack of sexuality education. This problem can be controlled a little better if sex education started as early as kindergarten, children should be taught about relationships and to respect others. At different levels, kids could benefit from sex education. As children become teenagers, they should be taught about abstinence and the consequences of sex. And by high school since they are becoming sexually active they should be taught about contraceptives as well as about venereal disease and AIDS. This may not solve the high teen-pregnancy rate or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among teens. However, it may stop the increase and cause teens to be more responsible when making a decision involving sex. Because some teens may not feel the emotional regret right after they have sex, but when time goes by and long-term effects start to be recognized, either by their unplanned children, or by diseases, the regret can hit with depression or low self-esteem. In fact, almost all teens, active in sexual relationships regret their earlier choice to have sex. Now, if they were sexually educated they would have made a better decision because they would understand better the possible consequences of not only having sex but having unprotected sex which is even worse.

Traditional opposing theories of sex education include the theory that sex education in public schools is an encouragement and/or invitation to sexual activity. Some feel sex education programs, specifically ones that focus on birth control and contraceptives, only promote sex. Others support beliefs that sex education should come naturally. They also feel that sex education has no place anywhere but in the home. Sex should be discussed in a religious and moral framework in the home. All theories on sex education share the belief that sex education in public schools is not working and teen pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases, among teenagers, are rising.

Sex education should take place is in schools rather than only being taught by parents at home because although there will are parents who will speak to the kids about sex there is no guarantee that every parent is going to do the same. Majority of the parents are intimidated and do not know how to answer certain questions kids ask these days. For example, how are venereal deceases transmitted? What should I say to my boy/girlfriend if he/she asks me to have sex with him/her? How do I wear a condom? Why is it important to wear a condom if my girlfriend told me she is on birth control? Not because they are not smart enough or ignorant to answer the questions but instead because they are not mentally or emotionally prepared to have this type of conversation with their teenage daughter and/or son. There are also kids who do not feel comfortable enough to speak to their parents about sex and/or feel the parents are the least informative source for information concerning birth control and sexually transmitted diseases. However, a teacher is educated enough and will not only have the knowledge but will also any questions without hesitation.

Being faced with sex on an everyday basis, teens of today will make their own decisions on whether or not to have sex. The important thing is to make sure that they know all aspects of it. Subjects is sex education like; sexual development, reproduction, relationships, affection, intimacy, body image and gender roles can give young people an understanding of positive sexuality. Successful sex education programs have several high points. The high points consist of exercises to encourage the appraisals of values, and skills in which students are taught how to negotiate while in sexual situations. It also provides sexual health information and skills on decision making. Reality is, kids today feel more comfortable talking to their friends instead of with their parents and where do kids spend most of their day?, in school with their friends. Therefore, if kids are being sexually educated in school in accordance with their knowledge and maturity level, this will make kids stop assuming or wanting to have sexual experiences based on what they hear from other students or friends.

Sex education will teach young people how to prevent pregnancy and exactly how risky unprotected sex is and the possible consequences. Although there is no evidence that proves that sex education causes anything negative, I believe it will

Is obvious that due to the economy and public school budgets the availability of sex education programs is still limited, but mandatory courses can be intergraded in the school education so the rate of teen pregnancy, HIV and other sexual transmitted deceases can be lower in teens.

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