Sex Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: January 19, 2010
Muhamad Al-hafiz bin Ghazali
English B HL


Al-hafiz: Assalamualaikum Mr. Murad. I’m hafiz,the journalist from ‘remaja’ magazine. How are you?

Murad: waailaikumussalam.oh,I’m fine,really fine I,what are you doing here?May I help you?

Al-hafiz: of course,definitely you are the one who going to help me out.Actually I am here is going to interview you on nowadays issue.It is all about the sex,I mean sex education among the teenagers.First of all,nowadays there are so many cases of pregnancy of teenagers nationwide whether in the city or even in villages.The teenagers especially the underage one who supposed to be in class to gain knowledges,study calmly and learn the lesson,nowadays being at home,taking care of the children because of their past mistakes they done.The statistic of teenage pregnancy in our country is increasing lately.There are so many reasons that can be involved in this cases,but,beside the causes,there are so many solutions that can be done.One of them is by education,that is sex education.The sex education among the teenagers can provide them some benefits in their way to cope with their future.What is your opinion on nowadays teenagers behavior Mr. Murad?

Murad: I agree with your point of view Mr. Hafiz.actually I had been thinking about this matter so many times before and once I think I should take some steps in order to overcome this matter.Based on what you said,it is true that teenagers nowadays seem to be so wild and can be concluded as abandoned by their parents.the sex education is actually very important to the teenagers since they cannot think as wise as the adult one.They unable to be sensible toward this issue since most of them eager to try new thing included free sex which eventually ended with,if we see nowadays condition of the teenagers,sex education might be compulsory to them.

Al-hafiz: so, Mr. Murad,how the sex education can be...
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